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Pair Your Gaming Controller with Your Phone or Tablet

Sixaxis Enabler is a tool that lets you use wired Sixaxis Controller/PS3 DualShock natively with supported devices. To get rolling, you require a connection cable and USB-Host support equipped Android device.

Hassle-Free Pairing

Connecting your favorite controllers isn’t as straightforward as hooking up the two devices and playing. There is some setup and legwork required to make sure the pairing works. Once you have enabled the controller, you may use it to play games on your mobile device and map tools that support the native controller. To connect your controller to your phone, it need not be rooted. Rooted devices work as well, but if you are not into rooting, you can go the non-root route. However, to use the non-root path, your device must have the right firmware support for the controller.

Preparing the App

To use Sixaxis with a rooted device, you should make sure your controller works with the app. You may prepare the app using the Sixaxis PC tool. You can access the tool from the official site of the developer. Install the tool on your computer and run the program as an administrator. The simple program would offer you a dialog box, stating your master controller’s Bluetooth address. There is also space to modify the master device. Type the Bluetooth address of your phone into the box and proceed. The program would then install the right drivers necessary for your controller.


  • Pairing tool available for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Rooting not mandatory
  • Minimalistic app UI
  • Instructions page included


  • Doesn’t support all aftermarket controllers and devices
  • Doesn't work wirelessly
  • App prepping process could be a bit complex
  • Device support list not updated regularly


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Sixaxis Enabler


Sixaxis Enabler 1.1.0 for Android


User reviews about Sixaxis Enabler

  • Bojan Jovkovic

    by Bojan Jovkovic

    Works flawless for samsung j5. It connects very easy if u have the cable and mini usb to female usb normal size adapter cable,you just More

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